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BlowMouldingOnly is the market place where you can buy or sell your surplus second hand blowmoulding machines of any process: IBM (Injection-Blow Moulding), EBM (continuous or intermittent Extrusion-Blow Moulding), SBM (Stretch-Blow Moulding) and ISBM (Injection Stretch-Blow Moulding).

Blowmoulding machines produce plastic bottles, containers, canysters, drums mainly in PE, PP, and PET (other available resins: PETG, PC, PVC, PC) for many sectors and applications such as: beverage, automotive, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, industrial packaging, foamed containers, bio plastics.

Some of the most popular brands are: Aoki, Automa, B&W, Battenfeld Fischer, BBM, Bekum, Bemaco, Blowmoulding, Extraplast, Hesta, Jomar, Kautex, Kosme, Krones, Magic, Meccanoplastica, Nissei, Plastiblow, Rikutec, Sidel, Sig, Sipa, Smf, Smi, Soffiaggio Tecnica, Techne, Tetra Pak, Uniloy, Urola, W. Müller.


What's the value

Appraisal methods to know the right value of your used blowmoulding equipments

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3 simple steps to sell your surplus blowmoulding equipment

PLC Replacement

PLC out of order? No problem...we replace the control on any blowmoulding machine

How to select a machine

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Urgent need for following machines

  • Model: fully electric - Brand: Magic
    Comments: Looking for a fully electric machine, double station, 1x1 (single parison head) for 1-2-5 ltr.
  • Model: 120 L - Brand: Any - made in Europe
    Comments: European customer is looking for a blowmoulding machine to produce 120L open top container.
  • Model: MSC/S or MSC/D - Brand: Uniloy Comec
    Comments: Customer from UK is looking for a single or double station Uniloy Comec mod. MSC.
  • Model: Various - Brand: Kautex, Uniloy, ST, Extraplast
    Comments: German customer is looking for one of these machines: Kautex KBS 120, Uniloy UMA 85, ST ISIT 800, Extraplast EBM 8-80 or 8-100
  • Model: 20L - Brand: Any
    Comments: Customer from Africa is looking for a blowmoulding machine suitable to produce 20L HDPE jerrycan.

Our warehouse

BlowMouldingOnly website is dedicated to machinery stockists and end-user of blowmoulding machines, that want to buy or sell second hand machines.

A 700 smq (7500 sqft) warehouse, located in Milan / Italy, is 100% dedicated to the blowmoulding industry... exactly like our brand "BlowMouldingOnly". It is possible to show up to 12 blowmoulding machines in running conditions and other machines can be stocked (not in running conditions) in an adjacent 1200 sqm (13000 sqft) warehouse.

Do you want to sell your surplus blowmoulding machine or peripheral unit?

Deliver it to us and we will host it: more info.

We are just 40 mins away from Magic, Plastiblow, Soffiaggio Tecnica, Uniloy and frequently visited by players of the blowmoulding industry.

Our advanced marketing techniques have enabled us to generate many visits to this website. And the traffic continues to grow day by day.

If you experience problems or cannot find the information you require, please let us know, so we can continue to provide ever-improved service.

Blowmoulding experts

Freelancers, consultants, workers with knowledge of blowmoulding. Wanna add your CV? Contact us

Klaus Griebel

  • Consultant
  • Experienced manager with knowledge in EBM and PET. Set up of new factory. Customers: P&G, Wella, Coty, Axiom, Kautex, IMP, Taplast, Serioplast, Bolton Manitoba, Matissar Franc.