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Since over 50 years Magic MP spa have been manufacturing blow moulding machines in Italy, near Milan. Magic MP spa, a family-owned company, has been the first manufacturer to introduce a fully-electric blow moulding machine on the market and nowadays Magic can be considered a leading supplier. In 2014 Magic decided to re-enter into the PET sector and supplied the first fully-electric ISBM machine.
The range of blow moulding machines is very wide and includes:
  • ME series: fully-electric EBM machines from 25 kN with 120 mm stroke to 450 kN with 1300 mm stroke, suitable to produce containers up to 30 ltr.
  • MG series: hydraulic EBM machines from 10 kN with 160 mm stroke to 83 kN with 520 mm stroke, suitable to produce containers up to 5 ltr.
  • BME series: fully-electric ISBM machines for PET with linear movement of the preforms.
  • MTM series: fully-electric ISBM machines for PET, mecatronic type.

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EBM - Continuous extrusion shuttle - 1L - Magic - 1980
Ref. 27 Used blowmoulding machine by Magic ideal for PVC candles
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