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Kautex Maschinenbau is one of the leading manufacturers of extrusion blow molding machinery all over the world. The company was founded more than 80 years ago and went through various takeovers and mergers.
In 1996 the production of KCC started in China, then in 2010 Kautex took over the sales and marketing of Rikutec (multi-layer accumulator heads) and in 2013 the first all-electric KBB series has been introduced.
Automotive and industrial packaging are the two main sectors where Kautex work successfully.
In 2017 Kautex reached € 140 million total annual sale with 530 employees and 7 local customer service centers (Berlin, USA, Russia, China, Italy, India and Mexico).

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Used KEB 4 by Kautex

EBM - Continuous extrusion shuttle - KEB 4 - Kautex - 1986
Ref. 21 Perfect machine to produce 5L stackable HDPE container (single mould, single parison head)
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