Urgent need for following blow-moulding machines

Although we are costantly looking for used equipment or complete industrial plant, sometimes our clients need to buy equipments that we don't have in stock.

If you have a machine listed below, that you are looking to sell, please contact us immediately.

List of active requests:

Brand: Magic - Model: fully electric
Comment: Looking for a fully electric machine, double station, 1x1 (single parison head) for 1-2-5 ltr.
Brand: Any - made in Europe - Model: 120 L
Comment: European customer is looking for a blowmoulding machine to produce 120L open top container.
Brand: Uniloy Comec - Model: MSC/S or MSC/D
Comment: Customer from UK is looking for a single or double station Uniloy Comec mod. MSC.
Brand: Kautex, Uniloy, ST, Extraplast - Model: Various
Comment: German customer is looking for one of these machines: Kautex KBS 120, Uniloy UMA 85, ST ISIT 800, Extraplast EBM 8-80 or 8-100
Brand: Any - Model: 20L
Comment: Customer from Africa is looking for a blowmoulding machine suitable to produce 20L HDPE jerrycan.
Brand: Automa, Magic, Techne - Model: Various
Comment: Single or double station, continuous extrusion blow moulding machine with following parison and centre distances: 5x120 (5 parison at 120 mm centre distance), 5x100, 5x80, 4x150, 3x120, 3x100, 3x80.
Brand: Meccanoplastica - Model: MP5 year 1998-2000
Comment: In good running conditions.
Brand: Bekum - Model: BM 704
Comment: Single or double station; any type pof head.
Brand: Automa - Model: Speed 5000, AT5, AT10
Comment: Customer from UK.
Brand: Uniloy Milacron - Model: IBS 85 or IBS 129
Comment: Request from Western Europe.
Brand: Uniloy - Model: UMA 60 or bigger
Comment: Blow moulding machine with accumulator head to produce technical parts.