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Every time the container is large and its parison is too heavy to obtain a perfect distribution of the wall thickness, an accumulation head is required. The head must accumulate the plasticized resin from the extruder (the screw rotates continuously), which is pushed by a piston, creating the parison. This allows the parison to remain suspended for a short period. The accumulation head is also necessary with the parison suction technology, which is very frequently used in the automotive sector to produce ducts under the hood. Accumulator-head blow molding machines are suitable for the production of industrial containers (tanks, drums, IBC), blown products for the automotive sector (air ducts, underhood ducts, washing tanks, bumpers, spoilers, child seats, fuel tanks fuel) and technical products.

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Used Battenfeld Fischer mod. VK 3-100

EBM - Accumulator head - VK 3-100 - Battenfeld Fischer - 1988
Ref. 7 Second hand blow moulding machine with 8L accu-head suitable for the production of drums up to 80L in VHMWPE.

Used Uniloy model M 50 D

EBM - Accumulator head - M 50 D - Uniloy Milacron - 1994
Ref. 22 Blowmoulding machine equipped with 2 extruders and 2 accumulator head to produce right and left HDPE air-ducts for automotive sector

Used Bemaco mod. BA 200

EBM - Accumulator head - BA 200 - Bemaco - 1994
Ref. 24 This Bemaco machine is suitable for the production of 100 and 200 ltr drums.
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