Cost – Book value – Market value for a blowmoulding machine

Sometimes getting a machine appraisal is not easy … that’s true! Here we identify two methods we usually use to find the correct value of a blowmoulding machine.

But first let’s determine the differences between cost, value and price.

The cost of a machine for a company is simply how much the company paid for it.

However the book value of a machine (which usually a company records in the balance sheet at the asset cost) is the cost of the machine minus the accumulated depreciation.

But what’s the value of a blowmoulding machine?

The so called market value of the machine can be determined with two main appraisal methods:
  1. Sales comparison – Basically it is necessary to find the price of a new machines and to adjust it taking into account physical deterioration and functional obsolescene.
  2. Cost comparison – This approach is based on comparables (used blowmoulding machine with similar features) to be searched on the web, auctions, stockists, dealers.
The selection of the most appropriate appraisal method depends on what data is available … sometimes you may find the same model of blowmoulding machine but equipped with different items or manufactured in different years.

Our experts with extended experience in the sale of blowmoulding machines will be glad to help you in finding the correct value of your blowmoulding machine.