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The IBM consists of a 3-step process: an injection station where preforms are created, a blow station where  preforms are inflated and cooled becoming bottles, an eject station where bottles are removed via a take-out device. Sometime there is a 4th step consisting of a conditioning station places before the blow station to control preform temperature more precisely.
Injection-blow process is recommendable whenever a tight tolerances of the neck, high quality of the container and clean production are required. Typical sectors are: pharmaceutical, cosmetics, personal care.
Containers are small to mediaum size: 5 ml to 200 ml. Most frequently resins: PET, PE, PP. Main manufacturers: Jomar, Meccanoplastica, Novapax, Uniloy.

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Used IBS 70 by Uniloy Milacron

IBM - Injection blow moulding - IBS 70 - Uniloy Milacron - 2005
Ref. 17 The IBS 70 is the ideal machine to produce cosmetic or pharmaceutical containers up to 200 ml in PE/PP.
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