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The so called “shuttle blowmoulding machines” consist of a carriage holding the mould, which is shuttling between the head to take the parison and the calibration station to inflate the parison with compressed air. The major part of shuttle machines are equipped with one (single station) or two carriages (double station).
Shuttle machines can be considered the most frequently used technology in the blowmoulding sector due to its versatility. Many are the applications of the bottles produced with shuttle machines: detergent, household chemicals, lub-oil containers, cosmetics, food, jerrycans.
Shuttle machines are suitable for mono-layer (mainly PE, PP) and co-extruded containers up to 7 layers.
Most popular brands are: Automa, B&W, Battenfeld Fischer, BBM, Bekum, Blowmoulding, Hesta, Jomar, Kautex, Magic, Meccanoplastica, Plastiblow, Techne, Uniloy, W. Müller.

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Electronic cards by Siemens Simatic 505

EBM - Continuous extrusion shuttle - Siemens Simatic 505 - Uniloy Milacron - 2000
Ref. 37 Monitor, electronic cards and accessories for Siemens Simatic 505

Used blowmoulding machine by Uniloy 10L

EBM - Continuous extrusion shuttle - MSL99/D - Uniloy Milacron - 2000
Ref. 34 Double station blowmoulding machine [used], single head, to produce 10L stackable jerrycans in HDPE. Year 2000.

Used KEB 4 by Kautex

EBM - Continuous extrusion shuttle - KEB 4 - Kautex - 1986
Ref. 21 Perfect machine to produce 5L stackable HDPE container (single mould, single parison head)

Used HSM 10.D by Uniloy

EBM - Continuous extrusion shuttle - HSM 10-D - Uniloy Milacron - 2001
Ref. 14 Used Uniloy Milacron blowmoulding machine model HSM 10-D, double station machine, equipped with double parison head ... ideal to produce 5L containers with 2+2 cavities.

Used Uniloy B&W mod. BW 3000 D COEX3

EBM - Continuous extrusion shuttle - BW 3000 E COEX3 - Uniloy B&W - 1993
Ref. 15 Single station blowmoulding machine by Uniloy B&W, model BW 3000 D COEX 2 LAYERS, equipped with W. Mueller head type S2/60-150 RECO3 suitable for bottles up to 3L

Used BM 5000 S

EBM - Continuous extrusion shuttle - BM 5000 S - Blowmoulding - 2004
Ref. 26 Used Blowmoulding machine model BM 5000 S, single station machine, equipped with single parison head ... ideal to produce technical items with bottom blow.

Used Uniloy Comec mod. MSB/S year 1990

EBM - Continuous extrusion shuttle - MSB/S - Uniloy Comec - 1990
Ref. 3 Second hand machine equipped with double parison head with centre distance 125 mm, suitable to produce 1L bottles

Used UMS 300.S by Uniloy Milacron

EBM - Continuous extrusion shuttle - UMS 300.S - Uniloy Milacron - 2009
Ref. 12 Used blow-moulding machine by Uniloy Milacron, mod. UMS 300.S suitable for the production of jerrycans up to 30L

Used Techne mod. 5000

EBM - Continuous extrusion shuttle - 5000 - Techne - 1997
Ref. 13 Used blow-moulding machine made by Techne mod. 5000 year 1997 equipped with single parison head suitable for 5L containers in HDPE

Used Battenfeld Fisher VK 1-30

EBM - Continuous extrusion shuttle - VK 1-30 - Battenfeld Fischer - 1990
Ref. 35 Second hand blow moulding machine by Battenfeld Fisher, model VK 1-30, suitable to produce stackable containers up to 30L
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